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When you need to have painting done to your home then call on Gateway Custom Painting in St. Louis, MO. You are sure to receive the best paint job possible. Our painters have the necessary skills and qualifications that are needed to meet the needs of our most discerning customers. When you want the best quality of services for your money then you have arrived at the right place. Our expert painters are hand chosen so that we can provide our customers with the quality of service that they deserve.

We offer the most efficient painting services in St. Louis, which is why we are the preferred and most widely used painting services in the city. This is a good enough reason to hire us to help with your custom painting needs. We are happy to assist with any aspect of your painting needs, big or small. Receiving thorough services at the most affordable prices possible can be your reality by turning to Gateway Custom Painting.

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Gateway Custom Painting

Full-Service Solution

We offer a variety of helpful services in addition to our painting service, which includes staining and power washing. Our painters are highly-trained and well-qualified to effectively address any of your service needs.

You don’t have to do it yourself or rely on an amateur to do it for you when we have a team of reliable experts ready and willing to take care of your many service needs. Our painters are passionate about what they do and this comes through in the quality of service they offer to you.

Interior Painting

If you enjoy painting then you may be inclined to paint the interior of your home yourself. However, if you are not a painter and need to rely on someone to handle the work for you, rely on Gateway Custom Painting.

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Exterior Painting St Louis MO

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is far more different than painting the interior of your home. While you may be effective in painting your home interiors, you may not be as effective painting the exterior, which is why we encourage you to rely on our professional painter to do the work for you.

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Residential Painting in St Louis MO

Residential Painting

Homeowners who want to make sure that they are hiring the right company to handle their interior or exterior painting should rely on the reputable services of Gateway Custom Painting. There is a reason why our services are preferred to the other painting services; we offer quality painting services at affordable prices.

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Commercial Painting in St Louis

Commercial Painting

If you own a commercial business then you can’t afford to take chances with the appearance of your business. You’ll need to rely on someone with many satisfied customers to paint the interior or exterior of your business.

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Deck Staining in St Louis MO

Deck Staining

Staining is not the same as painting. Different techniques are used to stain than to paint. When you do not know how to effectively stain your deck then leave it in the hands of someone who does, Gateway Custom Painting.

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Fence Staining in St Louis

Fence Staining

Your fence may be the first thing someone visiting your property might notice. If this is true then you’ll want to make a good first impression by making sure that your fence is professionally stained.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in St Louis

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If you’re having upgrades made to your kitchen and are looking for an affordable way to do this then consider painting your existing cabinets. Adding new cabinets can be costly but our painters can make your existing cabinets look like new with the right type of paint.

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Power Washing in St Louis

Power Washing

Indeed, our painting company can also help with your power washing needs. A power washer has a lot of force behind it and should only be handled by someone with the strength to effectively handle it.

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Upgrade Your Home With Ease

There are plenty of painting companies in St. Louis that you can turn to if you need something painted but the preferred painting company is Gateway Custom Painting. We offer both exterior and interior painting services for homeowners and business owners. With the help of our expert painters, you can receive a professional job, well done.

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Dan D.

“We just had our deck stained this past weekend by Gateway Custom Painting, and we are thrilled. The workers were helpful, professional, and took their time to do a great job. They even came back during the prepping part as they were unhappy with the amount of old-stain that did not come off during the initial power-washing.

We would unequivocally recommend Gateway to all of our friends and neighbors, and have absolutely done so already

Great company!”

Chris S.

“Gateway Custom Painting just power washed and stained my deck. Did a great job! Communication was excellent, workers were very respectful and hard working, price was right and it turned out beautiful. Highly recommend!”


It is time that you start getting what you pay for and the first place to start is with us. Our painters have the necessary skills needed to effectively paint anything that you need to have painted. It doesn’t matter the extent of the work that has to be done, you can receive all the help you need!

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